Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Blog Post From A Member! Obama crosses the line.

Obama crosses the line.

The 'fiscal cliff' is a maneuver to enrich the rich and pauperize workers as a whole by sacrificing retired workers.

It was inevitable once Obama was elected. Attacks on the standard of living of workers and retired workers has always been his goal. Obots, Democrats and other sellouts enabled this sellout. The leadership of the AFL-CIO enabled this sellout. These labor sellouts now join the Democrats as proven enemies of working people in the eyes of growing numbers of workers and retired workers. In the unions we have to fight to replace them with real leaders from the union left, leaders not afraid to strike, to organize or to act independently of the twin parties of the banksters.

Obama is, on behalf of the banks he sold himself to, going to cap COLAs, gut Medicare and Medicaid and raise the retirement age again. That, and continuing declines in the wages and benefits of workers as a whole because of union busting by Democrats and Republicans will further deepen the depression and further fuel the radicalization of working people.

Workers need political independence from the parties of the banksters. That will come as the union left grows and challenges the sellout Trumka leadership by organizing and winning strikes to regain all that was lost under Carter, Reagan, the Bushes, the Clinton's the Bushes and Obama.

Those struggles will inevitably lead to the creation or workers parties and a workers government.

Bill Perdue, RWU, TCU/IAM
Las Vegas 12 18 2012 

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