Friday, June 6, 2014

Casey Jones in #LacMegantic

Casey Jones in #LacMegantic
JP Wright

Come all railroaders cause I want ya to hear,
a story bout a fellow Engineer.
Tom Harding is the hogger’s name
and for the crimes of Ed Burkhart they’s  tryin’ to blame.

Ol’ fast Eddie’s train blew up that town,
He just keeps on spreading the disasters around,
Wisconsin, Quebec and overseas-
But they want to frame our brother, while ED runs free.

When the town of Lac-Megantic went up in flames,
Eddie saw nothing wrong with a one man train!
The Government said “OK, with one employee,”
and this oil boom is making a ton of cash for me.

The people of Lac-Megantic said it was not fair
for fast Eddie to go around railroadin’ everywhere.
Buyin’ short-lines just to run em’ in the ground,
making arrogant statements while we burn to the ground!

Now down in the good ol’ US of A,
there’s a big bad fight going on today.
On a short-line rail in Ohio land,
the W&LE wants to run one-man.

This fight's been going on for quite some time,
the workers have been out on the picket line,
The talks are stalled and at a stalemate,
because the "one-man plan" they won’t negotiate!

So people of Ohio, you’d better listen up!
what town do you want the railroad to blow up?
There’s was nothing safe about a one man train
when poor Lac-Megantic went up in flames!

Old fast Eddie, he blew up a town,
Now they want to spread disasters around,
A one man train you know it 'aint safe!
Say NO to the route the railroads want to take!

 While the unions are fighting in Washington Town,
we better get some boots down here on the ground.
Federal law trumps the law in the states,
all the tools in the box, is what it’s gonna take.

So listen to the moral of this story,
like Casey Jones of old in History.
The worker gets the blame, especially when dead,
Cause the government and railroads share the same bed!

Casey Jones there’s a lot of them around,
Casey Jones won’t put the reverser down.
Casey Jones on the W&LE,
is needin' quite a bit of solidarity!

Come all you trainmen and you engineers
All you workers from both far and near
Let's support our fellow workers on the W&LE

And together in this fight we can make history!

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