Monday, June 9, 2014

Resolution Demanding Justice for Injured Railroader Whistleblowers

Resolution Demanding Justice for Injured Railroader Whistleblowers

Whereas, railroad workers who are injured on the job have a right to a workplace free from management reprisal, harassment, crimination and discipline; and

Whereas, the rail carriers are involved in a systematic widespread wholesale violation of the law on an everyday basis when they discipline, harass, terminate and otherwise take reprisal against injured workers; and

Whereas the RSIA, which makes provision for whistleblower protections, has in fact done little or nothing to deter the carriers from this illegal and despicable behavior; and

Whereas the entire whistleblower process is so cumbersome and arcane, so long and drawn out, that most workers cannot or will not navigate their way through it; and

Whereas, a worker who does choose to assert her/his rights and make use of the law is in fact penalized by what is often further harassment from the carrier, and upon winning a verdict, finds that the carrier simply, as a matter of course – endlessly appeals any and all worker victories; and

Whereas, more than a thousand rails have filed whistleblower complaints, an indication of a widespread problem, an indication that the industry is rife with blatant abuse of the law; and

Whereas the individual fight of each and every whistleblower is a fight on behalf of the collective whole of all railroad workers;

Therefore be it resolved that RWU does hereby call out the law for what it is in practice – a sham and a farce that in fact appears to help the carriers more than the injured workers; and
Be it further resolved, that RWU work to create a “Whistleblower Coalition” of railroad workers who have been ensnared in this fiasco, in order to bring them together to share their experiences, wisdom, resources, information and ideas; and

Be it further resolved that RWU supports amending the law in order that upon winning, the worker be immediately be put back to work and receive full award pending any and all carrier appeal, and that the rail carrier face stiffer fines and penalties should such an appeal fail; and
Be it finally resolved that RWU calls upon rail labor to join with us in condemning this farce and to take action to bring justice to injured railroad workers.

Adopted by the RWU Steering Committee June 3rd, 2014
Railroad Workers United
Unity—Solidarity—Democracy: The Rank and File in Action!
(206) 984-3051  PO Box 1053, Salem, IL 62881

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  1. It is not only Qatar which is facing this situation of negligence by the state government. It is happening in almost everywhere. Where health and safety should have been the primary concern people are giving priority to only quantity of work.

    Arnold Brame
    Health and Safety Risk Assessments